Amazon shopping tips

Amazon has seemingly every product for sale, from books and movies to electronics and furniture and many many more than we ever have times for. We have to admit that there are a lot of good deals, but first you have to got to find them. Here is where you want to be if you want to save big, we’ll break down all the tips and tricks to help our visitors to SAVE as follow.

Check out the “Gold Box Deal of the Day

Amazon features a discount far larger than normally offered on one item each day, the Gold Box Deal of the Day, and that discount can be quite substantial ( sometimes as much as 80% off or more). Get in the habit of checking the deal each day, and you may just find a bargain on something that you need.

Lightning Deals

Amazon’s Lightning Deals offers an extra coupon savings on a single featured item, but unlike the “Deal of the Day”, the Lightning Deals only last for for four hours or until all of the coupons are used.

Our Best Deals

A list of the hottest ongoing deals from across If you are an Amazonaholic, you will probably realize their prices can fluctuate on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Therefore, you want to gathering the hottest deals on in one convenient place and check back often to get the best deals.

Friday Sale

Another place where you can save is the Amazon Friday Sale, which offers special discounts on hundreds of items on Friday only. You might always find the best deals on the items that you looking for here but you never know.

Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping

For those Amazonaholic, might be a good idea to sign up for the Amazon Prime shipping service. As it is “a membership program that gives you and your family unlimited fast shipping, such as FREE Two-Day shipping and One-day shipping for $3.99 per item on all eligible purchases for an annual membership fee of $79. Amazon Prime members can enjoy instant videos: unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows through Amazon Instant Video at no additional cost”. – per”

However, for most of our average folks that want to save in shipping cost and do not have Amazone Prime shipping service. We strongly recommend shopper to take advantage of the Free Super Saver Shipping, by purchase $25 in qualifying items. Many shopper might find themselves a bit short of the $25 needed to qualify for free shipping, and frustrate over what to buy or worry over spending too much on something that they might not even need at all. In fact, most shopper go well over the minimum required by adding an additional item to your cart just to qualify for the free shipping. (That’s why we are here to help you get the most out of your bucks) We recommend shopper use the Amazon Filler Item Finder, and give credit to Kris Brower for making this wonderful tool available for free. This tool is very easy to use, simply enter the amount you needed to qualify for free shipping, and it will generate a list of items match to the penny or closest to the amount that qualify for free shipping.

Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save is a great program for shopper that buy products on a regular basis such detergent and toilet paper. We recommend shopper to schedule reoccurring deliveries through the Subscribe and Save program to receive an extra 15% off the purchase price, plus free shipping. Shopper will pay for each order only when the item is shipped and have the option to cancel at any time.

Deals & Bargains

Never the last, the Deals & Bargains webpage is shopper’s one-stop shop for all of the latest information on sales, markdowns, and special promotions. Be sure to check it regularly.

Lastly, buy used item from private sellers if you can’t find an item you want on Snatch Up Warehouse Deals for deep discounts on open-box, refurbished and slightly damaged merchandise. For even bigger savings, look for items that qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping. Also Shop the Outlet Store, pick up merchandise at closeout prices by shopping Amazon’s outlet store. You’ll save at least 25% and in many cases more than 70%.